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Sep 24, 2019


Lately, Popular actress, Liz Anjorin has been in the news over her fight with fellow actress, Toyin Abraham.

In this long interview, Lizzy Anjorin cleared the air on why she is often misunderstood and also talked about her daughter.

Many people see you as controversial. Why do you like controversy?

No. I don’t like controversy. I stay on my own lane. I don’t condemn people, but I don’t like people saying what they don’t know about me. I don’t take nonsense from people. I work hard for my money. I went through a lot in life to succeed. I can decide not to work, but I have decided to work to show other ladies that you can work hard and make it.

I have decided to work. All I need from you is to show me love and say something good about me, because I love people and I say good things about people. I always give back to the society. Atimes when I make N50,000 gain, I give N25,000 back to the society because I like to see others grow. When I grow up I like to hear people telling me how I have helped others. Whenever I have money I help people. Check my page, I have been helping people. I have been preaching love so why are you giving me hate in return? What have I done? If you think I am doing something wrong leave me alone. Don’t come to my page. It’s me. I have a grown up girl. So, I have to live a good life.

I don’t want to spoil my good name for my daughter. If I had not gotten any child, I might not know the gravity of people coming to my page and saying thrash or calling me names. I have a grown up child now and I made sure she is not on social media. She is living her life devoid of social media.

Look at our women. The ones that are married are becoming single everyday. The ones that are single are not having husband. Why? Because of the hatred we show to ourselves. And the most annoying part of it is men abusing women, men being petty. If you want goodness in your life you should appreciate people that are working.

Let’s talk about what you sell here. What are the things that your potential customers can find here?

Of course, a lot of wears that you can never find anywhere. Nice jewellery, wristwatches. I have lovely scarves you can never find anywhere.

How come they can’t find it anywhere?

Because I source for them all over the world. It is not easy to go to Italy and buy materials and take it to Jeddah to go and sew it and bring it back to Nigeria to embellish it. Now you see what I am saying. People don’t know what you go through to put things together. It’s sad, very sad. But it happens to people who are doing well. They can say anything about you. Its not good to run ourselves down.

It’s going on fine. I produce my own movies. I do my own production. Since 3 years ago, I decided to be doing my own production because I can’t deceive myself. I can’t leave my home for days and weeks and I won’t make good money.

How do I want to survive? That is why I face business to support my career. This is not the only thing I do. I do interior decor. I do furniture. I sell cars. I supply diesel and I make my cut and I can feed myself and my workers. I usually pick some girls on the streets. I don’t know their fathers and mothers. They stay with me and I try to give them life.

How do you relate with most of your colleagues?

Most of them don’t seem to like you. They said you don’t reach out to them…

That is not true. Go on Youtube and see. We are very close. We chat. We gist. Go on Youtube. That you decide not to go to peoples houses does not mean you don’t like them. That is where gossip starts. I wasn’t brought up that way. I go to their events. I spend money.

When you look back at your life and what you have been able to achieve how does it make you feel?

Great. I am grateful to almighty Allah. And that is why I find it very exciting to tell people my past. I don’t shy away from my past. I tell people my past to motivate people and to praise almighty Allah for God himself to be happy. So far, so good.

I have gone through a lot. You remember a few years ago when the issue of a car happened, a car of N950,000, I just laughed because see the big cars I now drive. Some people wanted to rubbish me with it, but see what has now happened. In the Quoran, there are 3 things God said we should guide and protect. They are our Name, Property & Family. It has not been easy. I do things that men are supposed to be doing, as per work. Even some men will run away.

Let’s talk about your mum, you always talk about your mum…Why?

Because she told me a lot about life when I was young. And I keep remembering things she said I should do and things I should not do. When things happen to me, I immediately remember what she used to tell me about people. All her talks, advice have helped me. When I was young, I thought she was very harsh.

I used to wonder what kind of mother is this. I was her only child. Not knowing she was trying to build me up. I used to wonder, how can you have an only child and be treating her like this? She was trying to build me to be a strong woman. I remember her everyday. That is why I don’t mind hawking in foreign land because I want to bring things down here. I coped because my mum had prepared me for challenges. Kids of nowadays don’t carry load on their head. When I walk abroad to go shopping, I walk so much that atimes the wristband on my hand will tell me my stature is too light for my walk. My mother had inculcated that in me when I was young.

It is humility and good attitude. You see, things they don’t appreciate in my industry are the things that are working for me outside the industry. That is why if people say that I am pompous they should check themselves. People saying so, who are they? What have they achieved in life? Me that they tag as pompus, I am succeeding.

It means I have good attitude. It means my humility works for me and same goes for my good heart. My customers are my family. I take them as my family members. I check on them. We talk. Look at Baba. Alaafin of Oyo. I respect him. I call Baba regularly.

I called him to thank him. I remain loyal to him. I don’t jump from one camp to camp. If I take you to be as my friend, you are my friend for life. I am loyal to my friends. And I will always be there for you. I won’t talk ill of you. I will never say bad things about you. If I choose you to be my friend, you are my friend for life.

Do you think Liz Anjorin has been misunderstood by society?

No. Not by society. It is a normal thing. Some people will just decide to beef you. As a successful young woman some people won’t like you. You can’t be doing well and you expect everybody to like you.

They want to be like you. If they can’t, they will want to pull you down. And for the older ones they have children too who they want to be successful like you. You can’t exist and not have enemies who will envy you and pray to be successful like you.

And when they can’t they will want to pull you down. My mum used to say that when people are before you and God is with you, then just keep up being good, just keep being good. Insha Allah you will overcome everybody. The society loves me.

Who are the people buying my attires? It is the society who are the ones patronising me? who are the people standing for me? The society. If you watch very well, at all my events, you will see society people there. They always stand by me. They love me. Everybody loves me. Everybody loves Liz Anjorin. These people who say they don’t love me when they see me, they still collect money from me. So, I am loved.


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