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Sep 29, 2019

Osun APC to Oyetola: You’re on threshold of distinguished Governance

THE Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has told Governor Adegboyega Oyetola, that he is on “the threshold of a distinguished career in governance “as he turns 65 today.
Oyetola’s performance, according to the APC will not “only astound his friends and supporters, it will also confuse his political foes.”

The party’s director of publicity, Kunle Oyatomi said in a congratulatory message in Osogbo, that the governor has “a unique opportunity to transform the next decade of his life to one of exceptional service to the state and people of Osun.”
According to him, “We have no doubts in our minds that this event which comes close to the first anniversary of your governorship, brings with it the good omen that our people desire
“Regardless that protracted legal challenges considerably hindered your ability to devote full attention to governance, you still had time and the will power to address those urgent issues that impacted the lives of our people.

“Your efforts on healthcare infrastructure since you assume responsibility as governor have been remarkable.
“You have also since then resurrected that cost efficient culture, (which predated our Independence), of fixing broken and failed sections of our roads before they become death traps.
“You have also refurbished and opened up roads leading to towns, villages and communities that had for some time now been very difficult to access.

“You have shown extraordinary compassion to civil servants, who might have been in some discomfort, but also for their understanding of your position
“Above all, you have been spotted and recognized by the world for your commitment to opening access to our rural communities in which regard the French Ambassador to Nigeria came visiting the other day to pledge further assistance to the state.
“From all of the above, we have no doubt that our governor is on the threshold of a distinguished career in governance that will astound friends and confute foes in the coming months and years.

“So, by celebrating this birthday event with the state governor, the APC is not only making a statement of delight and confidence in the governor’s ability to govern exceptionally well.”


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