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Sep 26, 2019

Today Marks 2 Years I Would Have Been Burn To Ashes Due To Crime I Didn’t Commit.

By Ambassador Victor Chidera

Here Is My True Life Story:

It was on 19th September when i was heading to Umuochichi at Aba. I entered bus heading to Osisioma. When i was in the bus, there was this lady carrying her baby at her back, I was playing with the baby at her back (which is very normal).

As i reached my destination, I told the conductor that i have reached my destination. As i came down from the bus, All of a sudden i was hearing thief ooo, thief oooh, thief oooh, I was afraid, i thought the thief was behind me, i started running for my dear life, as i turned back, I saw crowd of people chasing me, Then i have to stop running (I Was Very Confused). I don’t even understand what was happening, Before you know it plank have started landing on my body with slaps.

I was asking my offence, they said am a thief. I started shouting am innocent, I saw the Lady whom i was playing with her baby on the bus saying that i stole her money. The beating was so severe that i lost my voice.

All of a suden i saw group of people coming with Fuel, i managed with my last strength and shouted “AM INNOCENT, I DIDN’T STEAL ANY MONEY”. After shouting that i became uncousious.

I wakeup and saw myself at the hospital; A good samaritan came to my Aid, Probably the “Driver”. He narrated to me that the lady found the money hidden in her purse. I was very bittered. I saw the lady and some of the passengers pleading with me inside the hospital. I was really mad at them. Although i forgived But I won’t forget.

The wound is getting freshier on my memory every September. Am a living Testimony. I would have been dead today. Grace saved me.




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