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Oct 6, 2019

Google launches Site to Showcase Nigerian Cuisine

Google is set to launch a new online platform tagged, ‘Come Chop Bellefull’: A Taste of Nigeria’ which seeks to celebrate and showcase Nigerian food culture with the world.

’A Taste of Nigeria’ boasts 2,000 high-resolution images and 30 stories that represent iconic local dishes and unforgettable flavours popular among Nigerians.

It also educates visitors on the health benefits of popular ingredients and food preparation techniques and shares recipes for delicious desserts and the best Nigerian thirst quenchers.

The online platform was recently launched in collaboration with the Centenary Project at the Pan-Atlantic University (PAU), Lagos.

The Centenary Project had since its inception in 2014, focused on digitally capturing and showcasing the cultural and historical expressions of the Nigerian nation.

Google spokesman for West Africa, Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, said Nigeria has demonstrated a unique ability to combine culinary innovation with cultural knowledge through food.

“If you live in Nigeria or visit Nigeria regularly, then you will understand that Nigerians do not mess around when it comes to food.

“Regardless of where you’re from, you will have a favourite dish that drives an eagerness to find and taste more.

“In recognition of this, Google Arts and Culture has paid tribute to Nigeria’s vibrant and diverse food culture with the “Come Chop Bellefull: A Taste of Nigeria’’ project,” he said.

Some of the foods to be displayed include: Jollof rice, Banga soup, Akara, Kunu gyeda (Groundnut porridge), suya (meat kebabs) and lots more.


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