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Oct 11, 2019


Let your hearts not be troubled, believe in God, believe also His prophets. Court judgement is human judgment, I believe in divine, I mean God’s judgment. It is absolutely well.

No worries, no tension, no pains. I celebrate God for he is always a good God. At the end, His name will be glorified. He is not a man that He will lie. I’m a winner every time. There is a final verdict and it is the verdict of God. Peace, peace, peace.

Today, I speak over my life and my household that the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will garrison across our hearts. I am not shaken nor moved. I trust in God completely.

I lean not on my own understanding; I acknowledge Him in all my ways, and I am directed of the Lord and led by the Spirit. I see my way through; I walk a path devoid of pitfalls. I look to the Lord my God, and I will not see shame.

I am delivered from destruction and dereliction. I am saved to serve and strengthened for life. God is merciful to me, and I have received grace of the Lord my God. I have favour. Nothing is against me. Men are favourably disposed to me in every situation.

I am accepted and not rejected. Nothing blocks my path to success; I am not a failure, and greatness is attracted to me. I activate the will of the Father and insist that today is the day of His power. I am willing; God is at work in me, to will and to do all His good pleasures. I win always. My prayers are answered, and my requests are granted. “My eye is single, and my body is full of light”.

Sorrows and tears are far from me. I have peace; my struggles cease; my frustrations, fears, and frailties give way; and I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. My tomorrow is greater and better than my yesterday. I shine like the star that I am.

I am blessed with every blessing heavenly, in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. I am blessed with the blessing of the sand and stars. I increase on all sides. In Jesus’s name, I believe and say amen.

Senator Dino Melaye
Kogi West


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