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May 31, 2020

So, while it’s great to be consistent with creating and publishing content on social media, there are certain trends which should be left behind that currently do more harm than good to your social media growth. Some of them include:
· Stop abusing #hashtags: Did you know that studies have shown that the ideal number of hashtags per post is two? Using more than two actually decreases your chance of people clicking on your post.
Over-using hashtags actually makes your posts look spammy and can be really annoying to your followers. #Hashtags should be created with the aim of joining conversations or creating themes and trends, not just to get indexed.
· Stop auto-posting across platforms: We know it could be really tempting to just auto-post the same content across all platforms at once.
However, this act in the long run gets your subscribers (those subscribed to all your platforms) irritated in the long run. Makes you look less creative. We know its hard work but try to create multiple- related contents for each channel.
Even if you must post the same content, post at well -spaced intervals. Unless they’re content that requires a call to action to benefit all your followers eg give- away.
· Don’t keep your account on private: If you’re a business, this is for you. People are more willing to follow you if they can view your content for free before following. They usually want to preview your content to see if your content is something they would love to see frequently on their timeline, or just to check how legitimate your brand is.
· Stop posting only promotional content: In addition to being annoying to your followers as they are not just on social media to receive sales pitches from you, the algorithm on most of the Social sites now consider multiple factors in showing updates to your audience’ timeline. If your updates are turned off or your audience isn’t interested or engaging with the post the next update you put out will likely not make it into News Feeds.
· Never ignore comments/messages: The primary aim of social media is engagement. Engagement with an update increases the likelihood your future updates will be seen. Comments on your updates or Social accounts also contributes to SEO/search rank outside of certain Social sites, and the people in your followers’ networks also see that interaction and your business is then introduced to a whole new audience. Engagement is very crucial.


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