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Aug 26, 2020

A patient at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital in Kwara State, who was placed on life support has died after some striking health workers switched off the ventilator.

Olusola Olagunju’s friend, Ezekiel Adewole confirmed the incident and also disclosed that the incident occurred on Tuesday August 25. Adewole said his friend died before being evacuated to another hospital for medical attention.
He said;

“He was referred to UITH, Ilorin for treatment. He has been undergoing this treatment for a while. He had difficulty in breathing, that is the only issue he had.
“He was okay, very active online. He was always on online – WhatsApp, Twitter and all others. The only thing is that he could not talk frequently on phone.

“He was using the support of oxygen. On Tuesday, we heard that the UITH went on strike. On that fateful day, they switched off their light.
“This guy was living on oxygen, electric oxygen. Immediately they switched off their light, he could not use the oxygen any longer and that was how his system collapsed.

“In the process of taking him to another hospital, he gave up. His family also sought the assistance of an ambulance, but they were denied because the drivers were also on strike.”
Channels Television reported that the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) at the medical facility also expressed its displeasure with the death of the patient.
NARD Chairman, Lanre Oloshunde however added that as medical practitioners, patients owe them the respect as they perform their duties.
Oloshunde said;
“We have suspended the strike. The strike was informed from a security situation that happened at the hospital in which one of our doctors was assaulted on duty.
“Since then, the management of the hospital has been able to respond with some security measures. At least to some extent, that has guaranteed the safety of our members being able to work.
“We heard that our security was not guaranteed then, that is why we had to go on strike. Thankfully, there has been some security improvements so far in this regard.”


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