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Sep 1, 2020

A 3 year old boy, Captain Chuenbubpha from Samut Prakan, Thailand, accidentally set himself on fire while playing with alcohol hand sanitiser and a lighter, it has been revealed.
Captain Chuenbubpha, became engulfed in flames at his home after the highly inflammable santizer gel was squirted on him according to reports.

The incident happened last week Wednesday August 26, when Captain and his older brother Nonoe, five, were playing as they were getting ready for school.
Captain poured the gel all over his arms and hands, then splashed it onto his uniform and squirted the contents of the gel container at his brother.
His brother in retaliation, squirted it back at the young boy, then the two picked and lit up a cigarette lighter they took from their parents’ bedroom drawers .

Captain, who had the most alcohol gels on his shirt, was immediately engulfed in flames within a few seconds .

Their uncle, Thanwa Chuenbubpha, who rushed Captain to hospital after hearing his screams has warned other parents about the danger of the gel.
He said he did not know what to do at first after seeing his nephew burning on his neck, chest, and arms.

Thanwa said: “I ran to the kids when I heard them crying. I did whatever I could to stop the fire as soon as possible before it burns the boy more.”
Thanwa said he used his bare hands to kill the flames before tearing the uniform out of the crying boy.

He added: ”I smothered him to put out the flames. They were extinguished quickly but he still had injuries all over his body.”
Captain was later taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The child has recovered well with minor burns after staying at the hospital for one night.


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