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Oct 15, 2020


Crown Flour Mill Ltd, makers of Mama Gold Flour, has reiterated its commitment to continuous production of quality flour. Its premium flour product is specially formulated to meet the needs of bakers as well as other users of its wheat derivative products. The leading flour miller gave this assurance while marking the 2020 edition of the World Bread Day.

The company specifically assured bakers that it would continue to produce high-quality flour, made from only the finest ingredients and backed by its world class production process.

Ashish Pande, Managing Director, Crown Flour Mill Limited, said, “Bread is an important food staple which is consumed in every part of the country. The Bread production industry is also a veritable source of employment, as evidenced by the job it creates for bakers, hawkers and several others in the value chain. Our commitment to the production of high-quality vitamin fortified flour is underscored by the need to ensure that Nigerians consume highly nourishing and nutritious loaves of bread and pastry in general.”

According to him, Crown Flour Mill Ltd is committed to helping bakers meet the ever-growing demand for bread. He projected a further increase in the consumption of bread based on forecasts about an increase in Nigeria’s population.

Speaking on the company’s flour products, Pande said: “Our Mama Gold Flour brand, is the   highest performing flour brand in the Nigerian market today. It is regarded as the delight of bakers as it consistently delivers the highest water absorption and highest yield rate during the process of baking bread. Bakers that use Mama Gold flour give the feedback that consumers express satisfaction with the taste of the bread that they bake. This assured quality, ensures that bakers maintain market competitiveness as well as meet the demand of the Nigerian consumers for high quality and affordable bread.”

He extended his company’s felicitation to Nigerian bakers and reiterated the company’s resolve to continuously support Nigerian bakers through initiatives that will enhance the growth of their businesses.  

The World Bread Day coincides with the World Food Day and is an international observance celebrated annually on October 16. It was initiated by the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners.


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