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I’ve Not Shot a Single Person since I Joined Police in 1992 – Lagos Cop Sunday Erhabor Celebrated for Patience, Professionalism

ByCitizen NewsNG

Apr 20, 2021


Below are his Responses to Questions asked by an Interviewer:

I am always calm and I don’t drink or smoke. I drank a little before but I can’t drink at all now.

I was born in 1967 and I have just about 5 years to retirement.

I am core Bini man and I treat all these young boys as my children. As he was beating me, I told my boys to retreat bc they could have wasted him. But I told them to record it. The boy was shouting have you forgotten EndSars ??? The truth is that something is wrong with the boy.

I have never killed, my gun is to make you to fear. I was once slapped at Festac Town by a woman in the presence of her husband just bc I stopped them. I only made her to slap her husband.

I joined the police as a constable IN 1992 at Ikeja police college. Nobody recommended me, I just joined the queue and registered. I dropped out from UNIBEN bc of lack of money.

I remarried 3 years ago bc my 3 children have come of age. They are just like that boy that beat me up. How do I waste him???

The governor gave me an award and we took pictures, chai, my children are proud of me.



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