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Police Arrest 12-Yr-Old Boy For Kidnapping 3-Yr-Old Girl In Bauchi | Citizen NewsNG

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Nov 27, 2022


Men of the Bauchi state police command have arrested Dayyabu Abdullahi, a 12-year-old boy of Magama Gumau, for allegedly kidnapping a 3-year-old girl.

A statement released by the spokesperson of the state police command, SP Ahmed Mohammed Wkil, says according to the information available at the Command, on November 23rd, at about 5.40pm, Yahaya Sale ‘m’ aged 56yrs of Magama Gumau, while at his shop located at the same address, received a threatening phone call from an anonymous person, demanding the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand naira (150,000) as a ransom for the release of his kidnapped daughter one Mariya Yahaya ‘f’ aged 3yrs of same address.

”A discreet Investigation revealed that the suspect lured the victim to an isolated place near a football field at kara Area of Magama Gumau and called the victim’s father on phone and made the aforementioned demand.

On hearing this, the victim’s father hung off the call, while the suspect kept calling but no response from the victim’s father. After a while, the victim’s father called the suspect on phone and identified the suspect as Dayyabu through his voice, as the suspect is known by the victim’s father.

The suspect then kept mute and quickly hung up the call when he realized that the victim’s father uncovered his identity.” the statement read

The police spokesperson added; ”Consequently, he swiftly took the girl back to their house and told her family that he sighted her crying near a football field. In this manner, the victim’s family immediately reported the suspect to the Police authority for necessary action.

On interrogation, the suspect stated that he is from Kano state and came to Bauchi state in search of petty business with his siblings. From the little he earned while hawking fried yam in Magama Gumau, he raised money and bought a mobile phone.

The investigation also revealed that the suspect got to know about kidnapping when some time ago his friend was kidnapped in Kano state until a ransom was paid before he was released from his captors. That is how he learned about kidnapping and money must be paid to set a victim free.” he said

The spokesperson added that the suspect said he would have used the ransom money to buy his desired clothes and phones.

”To this end, the Commissioner of Police CP Aminu Alhassan psc(+) assured the general public that they will continue to be updated as the investigation unfolds. He adds that he will like to use this medium to reiterate the need for parents and guardians to maintain strict vigilance over the activities of their wards.

It is pertinent now more than ever that the whereabouts of wards and the company they keep are constantly kept in check by all those responsible, as the investigation continues into the matter after which the suspect will be charged to court.” the statement concluded.

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