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Mr Ibu Is Sleeping With Our Daughter – Wife Cries Out | Citizen NewsNG



There is no denying the fact that there is trouble in the home of Nollywood veteran actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu as his wife, Stella Okafor has cried out to Nigerians that Chioma a.k.a Jasmine is not her husband’s daughter as she claimed.

Stella, taken to social media alleged that her husband is sleeping with Jasmine, lamenting that her husband has abandoned her and the children to live with the girl.

She said; “My name is Stellamaris Okafor, am Mr John Okafor (Mr Ibu wife). I am suffering in my marriage. I really need help.”

“My husband who I married legally left me and the children since last year to one Miss Jasmine using his name for fame as the daughter.”

“The girl is an impostor not even from his State. My husband is from Enugu State and the girl is from Imo State and her real name is not Jasmine Okafor.”

“Her name is Chioma Florence Okekeagukwu. She changed her social media name even on Instagram and Facebook because of her desperation for fame.”

“Have kept quiet since because I could not do anything and I was under duress. She is the one handling the Instagram and posting and also comment with my husband page.”

“All through my marriage with him, he always refuse me to do any work or business because he doesn’t want any man to see me outside.”

“Now everything is falling apart and my husband can not even give me money if I don’t communicate with the so called girl claiming and using him for fame.”

“Even my husband is talking of divorcing me. Any business done, the money is paid to the girl and she to me. She is taking my own daughter glory and deceiving the world as Mr Ibu daughter.”

“My children was home for one month without going to school because of multiple dept. I never knew my husband has other children until after my marriage.”

“Even in my marriage he still has a lot of baby mama which I don’t even know yet. Have kept quiet because I don’t do any business and if I speak out, I and my children will die of hunger.”

“And my daughter is writing primary exams. I don’t know what is happening in my husband life any more as he has memory issues. He is even telling me he done with our marriage.”

“And he is influenced by what he was told by the girl who he has moved to leave with… To eat is even a problem.”

“So I sold one car that was so bad N400k to fix the one am using now to be able to take children to school. Am scared because we don’t know what to do on raining season.”

“To talk to my husband I will have to call the girl first. If my husband want to give anything to the children he will send it through the girl ad I was told she was keeping screenshots of the money my husband told her to send to the children.”

“My husband is not the one handling his social media and Instagram, the girl is the one writing and posting and doing everything with him.”

“Just because she is so desperate for fame. She has a child of 8years and she is also not working but using my husband to make money and her own child is going to school.”

“My husband spend Christmas and New Year with them and refused to spend it with his own family. I just want to fight for my children future and education. As I just discovered that he has children that the kids are even senior to…”

“My husband is being manipulated by this girl Jasmine… Who has changed his social me media name toy family name.”

“If this comes to the media, he will definitely make a video to do what the girl says… I was just told the girl was one of his old girlfriends.”

“Someone came to tell me yesterday that he is buying the house am staying without my notice that Jasmine and his step son negotiated 60million on the house without my notice.”

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