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We Have Received 1,500 Applications From Nigerians – Guinness World Record Laments | Citizen NewsNG

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Jul 14, 2023




The Guinness World Records has acknowledged a notable rise in individuals from Nigeria aspiring to become record breakers.

GWR noted that Hilda Baci’s achievement and the subsequent attention she garnered acted as a motivating force for numerous Nigerians to pursue their own record-breaking attempts.

The Guinness World Records has disclosed that they have received approximately 1,500 applications from Nigerians.

Following chef Hilda Baci’s recent record-breaking achievement for the longest cooking marathon by an individual, a considerable number of Nigerians have enthusiastically embraced the trend.

In a recent chat with Legit NG, the record body said;

“The attention and excitement that Hilda Baci’s cooking marathon gained was certainly an incentive for many Nigerians to consider attempting a Guinness World Records title.

Since her record attempt, there has been a spike in applications from Nigeria, particularly for marathon records.”

“We have received over 1,500 record applications from Nigeria since the start of May.”

In May, Hilda Baci, the Nigerian chef, hit the limelight after setting a new Guinness World Record (GWR) for the longest cooking marathon (cook-a-thon) by an individual.

The Akwa-Ibom native cooked for 100 hours to beat the 87 hours 45 minutes record previously set by Lata Tondon, the Indian chef, in 2019. Hilda was certified by the British reference book in June but with a time of 93 hours 11 minutes.

Baci’s feat opened the floodgates of desires by some Nigerians to break her cooking record while others — even from neigbouring Cameroon — sought to set world records in various fields.

From ‘Kiss-a-thon, massaging, lecturing, praise and worship, crying marathon to ‘sex-a-thon, attempts were made to break world records, prompting the GWR to issue a warning, which reads: “Please enough with the record-a-thons”.

In recent weeks, Several attempts have been made by some persons to break Hilda Baci’s record.

The first was Damilola Adeparusi, (Chef Dammy) who did not seek Guinness World Record, GWR, permission before starting her competition.

Dammy claimed that she cooked for 120 hours but this could not be verified as there were times she switched off live video during the contest.

With the aim of surpassing Baci’s 93 hours and 11 minutes record, another lady from Ondo State, Chef Deo, revealed that she had informed GWR of her intention and received the green light before commencing the cook-a-thon.

Deo completed the challenge of cooking for 150 hours.

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