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Having Attractive Physique Can Attract Attention But Doesn’t Guarantee Success – Popular  Nollywood Actress | Citizen NewsNG

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Oct 8, 2023


Nollywood actress Caroline Igben has offered her insights on the movie industry, relationships, and her experiences as an actress.
Regarding the influence of physical appearance in the film world, Igben acknowledges that having an attractive physique can attract attention.
However, she stresses that it alone does not guarantee success. She emphasizes the significance of possessing genuine talent and substance, as merely relying on looks without substance will eventually become evident.
On the subject of financial contributions within relationships, Igben reveals her preference for not strictly splitting bills equally with her partner. She mentions her willingness to provide support based on her own means and suggests that her approach might evolve in the future depending on her financial circumstances.
Igben also discusses her acting career, admitting that she uses it as a means of sustaining herself. While she acknowledges that acting may not always be financially lucrative for her, she notes that the industry has evolved, and more money is now being generated, which can suffice for those who live modestly.
Regarding potential vulnerabilities in the industry, Igben shares that she has been fortunate not to have encountered situations where she had to compromise her integrity for roles.
She acknowledges that attraction can naturally occur between individuals in the industry but insists that it should be handled professionally and consensually. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining boundaries between personal and professional relationships.



By Victoria Oluwwayemi



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