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Rite Sausages Brand Unleashes The Fun For 50 Lucky Consumers With Adventure-Packed Day At Omu Resort | Citizen NewsNG

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Jan 4, 2024

The popular Rite Spicy Beef and Bigi Beef Sausage Rolls brand of Rite Foods Limited, recently treated 50 lucky consumers to an unforgettable “Unleash the Bull 3.0” adventure at Omu Resort. This exciting event combined creative expression, thrilling activities, and team-building challenges, solidifying the brand’s connection with its passionate consumer base.

The journey began at Rite Foods’ headquarters in Opebi, Lagos, where the consumers went on a festive trip to Omu Resort. Prior to their adventure, they were tasked with transforming everyday Rite Spicy Beef and Bigi Beef sausage roll wrappers and cartons into unique works of art. To add a poetic touch, another set of participants also composed short poems ending with the powerful phrase “Unleash the bull,” capturing the essence of the brand’s spirit. These artistic creations were then shared on social media using the hashtags #RiteRecycle2 and #unleashthebull3 respectively.

The “Rite Recycle” winners, along with the 40 winners of the “Unleash the Bull” poetry challenge, were then treated to a day packed with excitement at Omu Resort. They were divided into teams and engaged in a series of team-building games, fostering collaboration and camaraderie. The day culminated in a thrilling tug-of-war competition, sack-race and other fun activities that tested their strength and teamwork further.

Olawale Odenusi, the Assistant Brand Manager for Rite Sausage Rolls brand stated that “unleash the bull is a fantastic way for the brand to show its appreciation for its loyal customers. It’s a chance for them to experience the brand in a new and exciting way, and feel truly valued.”

“Unleash the Bull 3.0” proved to be an undeniable success, forging an even deeper connection between Rite and Bigi Sausage Rolls brand and its consumers. Participants expressed their immense enjoyment, with many stating it was a “first-time experience” they wouldn’t soon forget. Some even expressed their hope that Rite Foods would continue to organise such thrilling events, highlighting the brand’s commitment to engaging its audience in meaningful ways.

Rite Sausage Rolls’ brand “Unleash the Bull 3.0” was a resounding success, proving that a combination of creativity, adventure, and teamwork can create a powerful brand experience that resonates with consumers. As the brand continues to innovate and engage its audience, we can expect even more exciting initiatives in the future.

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