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Oct 4, 2019

Man Strips Self Naked Inside Bank, Alleges Disappearance Of Genital

A yet to be identified middle-aged man narrowly escaped death from angry mob after he was accused of mysteriously causing the disappearance of another man’s genital organ.

The incident which occurred on Wednesday in Benin City, Edo State, at one of the new generation banks located along Sapele Road, caused commotion inside the banking hall, when the victim (name withheld), raised the alarm over the alleged disappearance of his genital.

He alleged that his genital mysteriously disappeared after the suspect who was behind him on the queue, touched him.

The commotion that ensued disrupted banking activities for several minutes, as the man stripped himself naked and wept uncontrollably.

The loud noise also attracted youths from the neighborhood who dragged the suspect outside the banking hall and descended on him.

Attempts made by the management of the bank to rescue the suspect failed, as the youths insisted that the suspect must pay for his sin.

The prompt arrival of police operatives saved the suspect from the rage of youths from the neighborhood who were bent on lynching him.

The police operatives who arrived in a Hilux van were said to have dispersed the crowd and took both the victim and the suspect with away them.

One of the eye witnesses who gave her name simply as Gloria, said the two men were standing next to each other on the queue when the victim suddenly screamed.

“The man [victim] suddenly screamed, saying that his genital has disappeared.

“He accused the man behind him on the queue, of being responsible for the disappearance of his genital after he touched him.

“The suspect who at first denied the allegation, later confessed to being responsible and promised to restore the missing genital after the youths in the area gave him the beating of his life.

“The man was not even ashamed, as he stripped himself naked. The [genital region] actually became flat,” she said.

…No Evidence For Prosecution – Police

Meanwhile, Edo State Police Command has said that the case is not known by the law of the land.

The State Police Command Spokesman, DSP, Chidi Nwanbuzor, who confirmed the incident on phone, said their intervention was to avert breakdown of law and order.

Nwabuzor who said there was no evidence for prosecution, added that the case is not known to the law.

“Police arresting is just to ensure that there is maintenance of law and order in the bank. But, the case of somebody’s penis disappearing is not known by law.

“How do you know who could be responsible for the disappearance of the penis?” he asked


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