What is Coronavirus? This question appears too elementary at this point when Corona virus has become the most discussed subject on earth.
The truth is that this germ is still wooled up. Some people believe Americans developed Coronavirus and hurled it on China, to destabilise and prevent this Asian economic giant from spiralling from the world’s second biggest economy to the first.
Such thinkers believe China invited trouble upon its head when it engaged America in a customs tariff war while also aggressively uprooting Euro-American economic fortresses in Africa.
Some other people believe something went wrong when the Chinese were trying to develop a germ that would make imbeciles of human targets in the bid to supresss demonstrations in Hong Kong.
Incidentally, a book was published in 1981 which is believed to have foretold outbreak of Coronavirus in China, first in 2019 and then in 2020, and specifically named Wuhan as the epicentre.
If these assumptions are true, it would appear the author knew of biological war games going on between America and China which could burst and unleash aftermath scenarios he then presented in the 1981 thriller he titled the Wuhan code.
This week, Nigeria’s Professor Morris Iwu announced he developed years ago a medicine for Coronavirus which received acceptance in America.
Professor Iwu once worked on a now infantile Nigerian anti malarial herb named AJADILOPEA for use of American troops in mosquito prone terrains.
Could the Americans have been finding a cure for Coronavirus which was then non existent if they did not know something was in the offing? In-between the sleeves, there are suggestions Coronavirus is another grandstanding to knock fear into everyone ahead of a new medicine from super pharma to rake in cash.
This idea is plausible. Afterall, we have not forgotten the HIV hype, the ebola scare and the Lassa fever orchestra. Through the din of the Corona noise, we are hearing again that there is no big deal about Coronavirus, that many people recover without much Ado, and that, in any case, chloroquine, that old antimalarial medicine which now seems powerless against more powerful strains of malaria parasite, can kill Coronavirus.
Then, there is this idea of a game plan said to have been given in hint by Dean Koontz in the 1981 thriller novel titled The Wuhan Code.
This novel referred to a killer viral infection named after Wuhan where Corona virus broke out in December 2019 and hit the headlines in January 2020.
The hints in this book are based , say its believers, on Numerology, the science of numbers as we find used by Nostradamus, “the man who saw tomorrow”, and by Michael Drosnin in his Bible Code.
In other circles of people who are following this epidemic, Dean Koontz may have, indeed, been privileged to observe an ongoing game of which he spoke in parables in his 1981 novel.
We have seen such prophetic writings acted out in films which later ended in realities. The following story may show that Dean Koontz’s novel was one such preview of historic events.
Fake story or true story?
Robert Morning star, possibly pseudonyms for an American intelligence undercover or propagandist, says he is editing documented Revelations by a recanting Chinese intelligence officer who claims he participated in the Corona virus project.
According to the story line, the project was to stem anti Chinese protests in Hong Kong which may harm the “motherland” ie mainland China.
The project sought to develop a biological agent which helicopters or drones would spray on protesters to induce mental retardation and behavioural changes in them.
He said the Corona spray, like other colourless and odourless biological weapons, were tested on irredentist moslems and other “undesirable elements” near the wild life market, in Wuhan, epicenter of Corona virus epidemic.
The targets became mentally disabled. Other unforseen side effects erupted about one week after. These included anxiety and panic attacks, paranoia, schizophrenia, massive internal bleeding, melting arteries, disintegrated tissue and death through multiple organ failure.
As the spray was found too toxic, the project was halted. The Chinese only wanted Hong Kong protesters to submit to them, not to be exterminated. Americans showed interest in the spray.
They were working on a similar spray to be used in Venezuela. The Chinese declined to collaborate and offer them samples.
Americans bought their way through a Chinese mole who was to deliver a bottled specimen to a central intelligence Agency(CIA) operative near the Wuhan wildlife market.
But the Chinese stopped the transaction in a shoot out near the wild life market. Dozens of people died. The CIA agent escaped. The Coronavirus spray specimen in a bottle fell and shattered, causing contamination which was covered up as bat or other animal transmission to humans.
We are invited to ignore squabbles nations display in the open. He says that, in the backstreets, they collaborate to help one another maintain control over their spheres of interest.
They quarrel in the open only when one country oversteps the bounds. So, we are invited to accept that China may help the United States hold Venezuela down if the price is right.
What China will not tolerate is checkbook espionage. And this was why the shoot out took place in Wuhan to block the CIA agent.
Dean Koontz may have been seeing these events about 40 years ago when, in coded language, he titled his book the Wuhan code from which his readers have deciphered figures they saw bear relevant to the present experience and dates.
One of the “decoded” dates was December 2019, the year the virus first appeared in Wuhan, a district of about 11 million people. Another date is the year 2020, when the virus became epidemic.
I am not deep into numerology, but the inferences remind me of the Quatrans of Nostradamus.
Koontz may very well have been looking at what we now know is a new Cosmic age of about 2,600 years when events more wonderous and more decisive in previous ages would occur.
One of these events, as once also reported by American journalist Tomkay in his 1999 book when The Comet Runs, is exposure of the Earth to more powerful cosmic influences.
If we believe that man is not his mud earth body but spirit,and that spirit defines the body, that the higher influences scorches the spirit which cannot resist or bear it on account of spiritual immaturity for the New Age, we can believe, also, that, as the spirit sickens inside the earth body, this body, too, will fall sick and this sickness will manifest principally in blood diseases such as cancer and immune catastrophes.
Quite naturally, radiations of the human blood are supposed to be final than those in any living organism. When they are at their finest, nothing untowards can manifest in the blood. But when the spirit is spiritually sick, the blood, too, is sick, and this makes the body to eventually fall apart.
This hypothesis assumes that most human beings are spiritually undeveloped and sick, and that their blood radiations fair no better.
Accordingly, any slight increase in etheric pressure upon the spirit kernel, that is man, weakens the blood and reduces its capacity to exterminate foreign entities, be they parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses of all sorts. There is more to be said of this than can be mentioned now.
A question of numbers?
In the quest to define Coronavirus , a video has been released by a group named Project Nightfall. In the voice over, a man says:
“This video is not fake news, and is for all the people who are worried about the Covid 19 Virus. I did a lot of research and found the remedy in everyone’s fear. The remedy is in numbers because numbers don’t lie.
“Let’s start with how many people are sick right now…80,000. That’s quite a lot,but out of these, 77,000 people are in China. So, if you are not from China, that should remove 96 per cent of your worry.
Now let’s assume somehow you’ve got the virus. In the extremely unlikely event of you getting the virus, 81 percent of the cases are mild.
Fourteen percent of the cases are moderate and only five percent of the cases are critical, which means that you are very, very likely to recover from it and, if it somehow gets to a critical stage, if you compare Covid 19 to SARS, it had a 10 percent fatality rate, that is a five times smaller number than SARS.
Having said all of these, let’s delve even deeper into the numbers to make you feel safer. If you consider the age, the possibility of dying goes even lower.
The death rate for people under 50 years old is only 0.2 percent . Everyone should know these numbers, so that they see that the majority of people actually recover from COVID 19. This knowledge is essential so that less people worry.
If you are under 50 years old and living in China, you are much more likely to win the lottery which is one in a 45 million chance than actually dying from the virus.
“Remember numbers don’t lie. This video is about COVID 19, but we can learn more from it a life lesson. Let’s take one of the worst days so far , February 10 when 108 people mainly from China died from the virus.
This is a horrible, very high number, but on the same day, cancer killed 26,283 people. Heart disease killed 24,641 people. Diabetes killed 4,300 people and suicide on that day killed 27.7 times more people than COVID 19.”
Project NighfallL is like poking a finger in the eye of Big Pharma or pushing a needle into its balloon. Pneumonia and other respiratory problems are not new on this earth.
In the last four months, about three elderly people I knew in Lagos died of pneumonia. More are likely to in this hot weather if we keep good records of heat stroke and dehydration-related deaths. Flu, too, is nothing new either in Nigeria or in the winter months in Europe and America.
Alternative medicine
Before Africa’s colonisation, Africans took care of their health. We learnt nowhere in history that any disease killed half of its population.
The black plague killed more than half of European population in the 14th century. How did our forefathers cope? Last week, Professor Bukola Adefule Oshitelu, an opthamologist for about 50 years and present chairperson of the Lagos State Traditional Medicine Board, sent me the following message: “Covid-19 Coronavirus Remedy:
⦁ Get 9 pieces of Capsicum frutescens (ATA Ij?sin)
⦁ Get three large leaves of Bryophyllum pinnatum ( Ewe Abamoda)
⦁ Get two wine glasses of Pure Honey.
⦁ Grind items 1 & 2 together, and mix with the pure honey-(item 3)
⦁ Leave the mixture to stand for three hours before use.
1. For Prevention:
Adult : 1 (one) tea spoon early in the morning ON AN EMPTY STOMACH- once in a week.
Children: 1/2 tea spoon on an empty stomach once a week.
Duration: 3 Weeks minimum.
For cure:
Adult & Children- 1 tea spoon full morning and night for seven days.
After seven days use 1 tea spoon full as directed once a week for three weeks. ”
To the callers who woke me up from sleep the day Coronavirus made its way to Nigeria, I made the following post, abbreviated here on Kusa green pasture herbs group chat.
“In, there are a few lessons we can learn from THE BLACK PLAGUE which was brought by rats from China to Europe and which killed more than half of the population of Europe in the 14th century.
The most well known and most documented survivors of this epidemic which killed millions of people in a few years were four thieves.
They invaded the homes of victims left to die by their relations who fled to other towns. These thieves were not afraid to ransack the pockets of the dead and their homes for cash, jewellery and other valuables.
When the law caught up with them a judge promised to free them if they revealed their secret.
The mother of one of them, a herbalist, made an antidote which they drank on their faces, hands and body before they left home. Although there are many accounts today of the constituents of this antidote, four of the components are unforgettable.
1) Apple cider vinegar
This recipe was widely displayed in public places of major towns and cities.
To these I suggest the following
1) pawpaw leaf used as salad with meals or sprinkled on meals as powder or juiced and taken with meals. It contains powerful proteolytic enzymes which digest all foreign bodies in the body when taken with a meal and served to improve enzyme-digestive action.
When taken in between meals, that is, the space between one meal and another, these enzymes provide the immune system with ammunition to wage war against foreign agents and even to dissolve tumours.
We should not forget that some people have been reported to easily overcome this virus, in which case it is a function of immunity.
To boost immunity, we must abandon all foods which create a lot of work for our immune system in order to free immune energy for an emergency such as this. The immune unfriendly foods and drinks include white flour foods such as bread, white or wheat, milk, sugar, poultry egg, fries, red meat including biscuits etc.
Cashew is in season. It is rich in minerals and electrolytes, all of which are deleted through excessive sweating in the present uncompromisingly hot weather and may weaken immunity ahead of exposure to a problem such as is at hand.
2) Ewedu (jute mallow) with the botanical name cochorus olitorius. We must thank Professor Bukola Adefule Oshitelu for reminding us about this vegetable during the Ebola virus scare.
She was an opthalmologist for almost five decades at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi Araba, Lagos. She said she received the information in a vision and encouraged everyone who listened to her to take half a glass of the well macerated and boiled leaves at least once or twice a day in health or in sickness. I have heard many people say it works for them.
3) Garlic: This is one of the best respiratory herbs around. Even my friends who do organic farming can now confirm that when it is juiced and added to the drinking water of chickens it keeps away problems such as gomboro and Newcastle disease which are prominent in poultry cages.
The Egyptians of old gave garlic to their Jewish slaves for health and energy reasons. In the desert, the children of Israel rebelled against Moses when he had no garlic for them. If you run garlic oil on the foot of a baby, you will sooner than later smell it in his or her breath.
That means it enters the blood circulation rapidly. There are many scientific proofs that garlic destroys all sorts of germs. The Chinese and Coronavirus do not in my view constitute a garlic paradox as some people may reason. Yes, the Chinese eat a lot of garlic and they still came down with this virus.
We should not forget that the Chinese may have been pushing their luck too far. In the view of the average Nigerian, the Chinese eat a lot of rubbish.
You only need to watch them eat live fish or live rats and other live small animals. Do these animals not carry in them parasites to which they are immune but which can task and even break down human immunity, however strong?
4) Bitter kola:Professor Adefule Oshitelu preserved for our generation an old knowledge of how to use bitterkola to control eye pressure in glaucoma. Since the 1980s,
I have been eating bitter kola with meals, especially when I eat out and suspect off taste or the possibility of food poisoning. It has never failed me.
I ask asthma patients to add the powder to cayenne, alligator pepper and ginger powder and mix with honey or add to a bottle of genuine red wine free of sulfite or add to peanut butter, and it has worked for many of them.
It also works for cough. I believe it will work in Corona virus which strangles the respiratory system. Also, there are many scientific proofs that bitterkola holds down many viruses.
5) Lime/lemon ACV…About 1642, doctor Lind proved that lime juice could stop scurvy, ie bleeding in the organs as may later manifest in the gums.
Scientists have shown that many germs do not grow or thrive in a lime or lemon environment. Chicken sellers in Nigerian markets leave them in crowded cages overnight without any fear of losing them to disease.
They cut lime or lemon into pieces and leave them in the drinking water of the chickens in the cages. Apple cider vinegar(ACV) helps in a similar way and perhaps more. Lime, lemon and ACV can be used as hand sanitizers. Mother nature offers us more protection that we cannot mention here at this time.

By Femi Kusa



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