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Lizzy Anjorin Caught Stealing Gold Jewelry On Lagos island? | Citizen NewsNG

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Feb 6, 2024



In a shocking turn of events, a video has surfaced online allegedly showing popular Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin involved in a gold jewelry theft in Lagos Island. The footage has sparked widespread condemnation, with many expressing disbelief at the actress’s alleged actions.

Some users claim that the incident traces back to November 17 of the previous year when Anjorin visited a renowned market in Lagos. Sources reveal that she had patronized a vendor selling stones for tailoring materials, amounting to 91,000 Naira.

A miscommunication occurred when the vendor provided a POS merchant account number, and Anjorin inadvertently sent the money to a slightly incorrect account due to an error in the numbers.

The vendor, trusting Anjorin, allowed her to leave without confirming the payment, only to later discover that the transaction had not been completed. This revelation left the shop owner feeling betrayed, as the funds never reached the intended account.

Today, the actress revisited the same market, choosing to patronize the same vendor. Witnesses noted that she deliberately covered up to conceal her identity, raising suspicions among onlookers. As tensions escalated, particularly among women in the market, a potential lynching was thwarted when the vendor recognized Anjorin as the individual responsible for the unresolved payment from the previous year.

Chaos ensued as phones buzzed with messages and calls, eventually leading to Anjorin’s husband arriving at the market. He promptly rectified the situation by settling the outstanding payment, putting an end to the turmoil. It has been clarified that the actress did not steal any gold jewelry, nor did she engage in a fraudulent transfer as initially implied.

– Nairaland Forum

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