Dear Ladies,

1. Please do not let a man know you are madly in love with him, don’t let him know that you cannot do without
him. He will take you for granted, cheat on you or do anything he feels because after all, you love him so much.

2. Never cry, stress or die over a boyfriend, he’s not your husband for God’s sake. Boyfriend is not a legally accepted man, so why cry or take poison because he broke your heart? He never loved you then.

3. As a lady, give yourself some respect, you must let your man
know that you can survive without his money. Don’t be requesting airtime, money for hair or clothes from him. Find a source of income and he will respect you.

4. Stop proving that you are only good for sex and dating, not good for marriage. Men as are smart and wise when it comes to choosing a marriage partner.

5. Don’t feel as if the world is coming to an end when a man decided to walk away from you. Don’t beg him to stay, you are too precious to beg for love sister. He will treat you like trash.

7. Don’t try to force yourself to love a man, its like teaching a pig how to appreciate beauty and cleanliness.
Don’t force them let him go.

8. Don’t waste your valuable time trying to convince or beg someone to love you. Someone out there is sinking deeply to love you but you are chasing broken dreams why?

9. Never feel sad if someone else prefers another lady over you. It doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. It simply means you were never meant together.


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