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Oct 6, 2019

A two-year-old boy has been burnt to death as fire razed at building at Ikotun area of Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

The incident occurred at 4, Ben Okonkwo Street off Governor’s road, Ikotun. The fire incident reportedly begun on Friday night in the storey building which housed eight mini flats.

The fire outbreak which occurred in one of the mini-flats on the top floor of the said storey building was due to power outage.

It was revealed during investigation that the fire broke out from the said apartment when a mother of three children, in an act of carelessness, reportedly lit a candle after the power outage occurred in the area, left the naked light on and went out leaving her three children inside the apartment alone.

In the conflagration which followed the woman’s carelessness, the last of her three children, a boy of about 2 years of age, was burnt to death.

Meanwhile, eye witness account has it that in spite of the early arrival of the LASEMA Response Team and their concerted efforts, elder brother of the deceased still sustained minor burns while their pregnant mother slumped.

The pregnant mother who reportedly slumped as a result of psychological trauma of the loss of her two-year-old child was reportedly taken to the hospital for treatment.


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