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Why I Don’t Tell People I’m MohBad’s Mother — Promise Aloba | Citizen NewsNG

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Sep 24, 2023

Promise Aloba, the mother of late singer Mohbad, has revealed why she hid that she is his mother, in a recent interview.

She disclosed the life her son was forced to live due to the physical attacks and bullying he was subjected to after he left Marlian Music.

Speaking in an interview with TVC, Promise Aloba, the late singer’s mother recalled how he took good care of her and always wanted to have her around.

Below is a translation from her interview, which was granted in Yoruba: “I don’t tell people I’m Mohbad’s mother, because he was scared I might get kidnapped or killed.

“I’ve spent just five months in the new house he rented for me, he even visited me 3 times. He took me out of where I was living before to Ikorodu, he said he wanted to be visiting me from time to time.

“He just rented a huge space comprising of 3 shops for me. I’m yet to open it. He gave me money that I used to buy 2 big freezers and a big generator. The day he died, he promised to send N5 million so I can buy goods to stock up.

“His wife said she’ll come and meet me, that I should get someone that will support me because we cannot buy the goods at once, that it will take us 3 days to buy all the goods.

“But now I’m scared, I can’t go back to Ikorodu, I called someone to help me rent the shop out and give me the money. My son did not enjoy himself, he lived in fear. He did not enjoy himself.

“Whenever I visit him here, he sits right there and I’ll sit with him, then take him upstairs to sleep but he’ll be shaking his head. I even thought all those problems and attacks had stopped, but when they beat him again recently after he dropped his EP, I said these people haven’t left you, and he usually went to the police station to report, because I witnessed it twice.

“I spent 10 days with him, I did not know he was going to die. I left on Saturday and he died on Monday. And the reason I left on Saturday was because he had a show, he begged, begged, and begged me not to leave. So I told him that won’t he allow me to go to church on Sunday, that I’ve missed church for two weeks and I needed to go and pray because I’m losing myself. It was the church that I mentioned that made him let me go.

The video has been trailed with mixed reactions.

A netizen wrote, “This woman might not be the Mother, suddenly she surfaced and has been granting interviews, what happened to her relationship with the father of the late boy, why is he keeping the man out of the picture? my son , my son. They should conduct a DNA test to prove this is not an impostor.”

A user reacted, “And people are saying where was his mother when he needed her the most! She was there! She was right beside him when he needed her the most, closer to him than probably his father. For his wife to have allowed his mother into the home after his passing, they must have had a great relationship. Maybe his father turned away when he needed support against the bad handlings from his stepmother who may have been mean, maybe his father put the needs of his half siblings above his and his sister. He must have had his reasons for bringing his mum close. Stop fighting for a father who buried his son as if he was angry with him. We have become a society that is toxic and dangerous to the girl child. Some are even saying DNA rubbish, who made us like this?”

Another user said, “So painful 💔”

The Man commented, “She abandoned him but she is the one people are visiting as per condolences, but the father that supported him all through is the one fools are bashing. People are stupid.”

LadyVee also commented, “I can’t remember the last time I was this pained by someone’s death. This guy is topping musical charts back to back now that he’s gone. May success not find us in our graves. Amen!”

By Feyisayo Helen

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