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How We Killed Club Owner — Poly Ladies Confess | Citizen NewsNG

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Oct 13, 2023


Two female students of Kwara State Polytechnic have been arrested in connection with the alleged murder of one Adeniyi Ojo.

The Force Public Relations Officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, made this known while addressing newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja.

Speaking to newsmen, One of the suspects, Adanma Joseph, told journalists that the victim died in the process of trying to steal from him when he wanted to have sex with her and her friend, Favour Vandora Davies.

She narrated, “I worked for the deceased in his clubhouse for about three months in 2022 until the clubhouse was shut down by the government, marking the beginning of our relationship.

“I got my friend involved in the attempt to steal from the deceased when he requested to have sex with her.

“The initial idea was to lure him to have sex with us in his car because we believed that we would find money in the car. But we eventually ended up in a room where we tied the deceased on the pretence of having a sex romp.

“The idea was that if he agrees to do BDSM with us – BDSM is like the kind of sex where you tie the person’s hands and legs. So while his hands and legs are tied we can take cash or whatever valuable we can find and leave with it.

“But it turned out that day, that when we went to see him, he asked us to come, we even talked to him about needing jobs but he told us that he did not have anything available at the time but with time, he would be able to find something for us. He also liked my friend that day and he was telling my friend that he liked her, that he wanted to sleep with her and everything.

“Basically, that day, he was like he wanted to have sex with both of us. So we now proposed car sex to him and he agreed and the BDSM too, he agreed. He was even telling us from the garden already about how he wanted to deal with us and everything when we got inside.

“However, we were not bothered because we knew we were not planning to have sex with him and we just wanted to take his cash and leave. So it now turned out that it started raining. So instead of going to the car, he now told us to go to a building that was across the garden where we went to meet him.

“When we went inside the room with him, my friend excused herself and went inside the toilet and I joined her inside the toilet. So while we were inside the toilet, I explained to my friend that “it’s car sex that we wanted to do, this one he has brought us into the room what are we going to do now?

“She was just like I should be calm. We went back inside with the man and because he already had eyes and attention on my friend before, he started touching her immediately. We came out and he carried her and placed her on the table, removed the shirt and he got naked and he got on the bed. Then I got on the bed with them, he allowed my friend to tie his hands and legs, he was even the one that raised up his leg for her to tie him.”

She continued, “I had this small (piece of) cloth like a small handkerchief I used to tie on my head like a scarf. Because my friend already tied his hands and legs, my own turn was to try to put the small handkerchief in his mouth so that that small rope could be used to close it so that he wouldn’t be able to shout in case he wanted to. I panicked and freaked out. When I put the cloth in his mouth, he removed it and told me that he did not want it.

“I told him it was because we did not want him to moan too loudly but he refused. So after he refused, I just like left him because I also panicked.

“So during the course of me being on the bed and just caressing him and everything, my friend went to the bag, we already had Rohypnol (tablets) in our bag that we were supposed to give to him to sleep. My friend put it in her hand and when she tried to pour it into his mouth, he turned his face away and it didn’t enter his mouth he said he didn’t need it to lighten up.

“I think at that time she was now getting impatient because it was raining before and as the rain stopped everywhere became quiet and we were running out of time. So that was when she took the phone and she was placing it in front of his face.

“I was even surprised because before she even picked up the phone with everything that was going on he was not suspicious; he was just like willingly doing everything. I was also surprised that how come he did not think about anything, like he allowed us to tie his hands and his legs so easily like that.

“When my friend put the phone in front of his face, he thought we wanted to video him, so he said we should not video him. That was when he pushed me off the bed because I was already sitting on his leg. My friend got on him and put the phone in front of his face and tried to unlock the phone with his face since he didn’t have cash or anything with him in his pockets or anywhere. We didn’t go to his car so there was nothing else we could do except if we were able to get money from his account.

“So when my friend put the phone in front of his face, that was when he freaked out and started shouting. I don’t know how he managed to get his hands free and he started hitting my friend. “So as he started hitting my friend and started shouting, she took the pillow and placed it over his face to muffle his screams.

“During everything, suddenly he just went calm and as he went calm, I got down from the bed and told my friend that he was pretending because he wanted us to let our guard down and then he would try to stand up and hurt us again.

“So my friend went to the door and she turned the key, pretending as if we were leaving and she said he opened one of his eyes. When she said that, we now went to him and we were begging him “please, can you wake up?

“So that is when I now went outside to the reception because before we entered inside with him he gave us alcohol to drink even though he didn’t take any.

“We did not discover he was dead until when the police apprehended us. I already went home to Mowe, so it was while I was in Mowe that the police came to apprehend us. I even thought that it was because we left with the man’s phone; that was why they came to apprehend us and we gave them the phone and the SIM card, only to find out later that he was already dead when we thought he was pretending.”


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