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FlashBack ! Ayinla Omowura Gave Me Lots Of ‘Juju’ In His Lifetime – Kollington Reveals Shocking Details | Citizen NewsNG

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Oct 21, 2023


Fuji Music legend, Alhaji (Chief) Kolawole Ilori (aka Kollington Ayinla), has admitted that legendary Apala musician, the late Alhaji Ayinla Omowura, fortified him with fetish objects as a young musician.
Kollington, a close rival of Fuji Music creator, the late Alhaji (Chief) Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, also disclosed that he parted ways with his musical godfather, Omowura, because of his violent lifestyle.
The popular Fuji musician made the disclosure in an interview published in the book, Ayinla Omowura: Life and Times Of An Apala Legend, authored by Dr Festus Adedayo.
Kollington said his journey into the world of fetish objects started when he, as a budding Fuji musician, wanted to wax a record to reply another Apala musician, the late Alhaji Fatai Olowonyo, who had earlier released an album in which he lampooned Omowura.
He said: “Omowura had so many enemies in the musical world at this time. Indeed, all of them were fighting him. Then, Olowonyo came on board to join those fighting him and the two of them engaged in musical fisticuffs.
“Olowonyo sang the famous Elewure Wole which became a major hit…It was the song that Olowonyo sang attacking Omowura that really incensed me. I was so mad at him for attacking my musical godfather.”
Kollington Ayinla said he therefore approached the late Apala music legend for permission to record a song to reply Olowonyo. He added, after much pressure, Omowura agreed that he should go ahead with his plan to wax the album.
He said the song, Omo Iya Onipako, his first musical album containing abusive lyrics, was an instant super hit that catapulted him to fame in the Fuji Music world.
After the song was released, Kollington said he became fearful for his life. He said: “I ran to Omowura countless times to tell him that Olowonyo’s fans said they would kill me.
“He said they could not do me any harm, that I should forget that” and, he added, that began a regime of spiritual fortification with fetish objects for him, conducted by Omowura himself.
“He then took me inside his room and began administering all manner of fetish objects on me. He would ask me to steep some inside eko (corn meal) and some of them he would bathe me with them.
“He would call his younger brother, Dauda, and ask him to go and bring razor and some of the fetish objects in his room, with which he would incise my body and rub fetish objects.
“That was how I sang the song and no reprisal came to me from the Olowonyo group and his gangs,” Kollington further said.
He, however, said his relationship with his musical godfather turned sour thereafter, claiming that Omowura became apprehensive and was intimidated by the fame and stardom that attended his first album.
“He was the one I was defending but when Omowura saw the stardom that attended the Omo Iya Onipako, he was apparently afraid and intimidated. But he had to accept his fate. We still operated as his younger one that I was.
“But what he was supposed to compensate me for biting the bullet for him, he didn’t do it. I, however, didn’t see this then, until when I grew up and began to reflect on it and concluded that he didn’t do enough for me in that circumstance,” he added.
Kollington further revealed in the interview that he finally parted ways with Omowura as he abhorred the anti-social lifestyle of the late Apala Music legend, especially his love for marijuana and keeping bad company.
“I was so passionate about Omowura. Anyone who wanted to see my red eyes should just castigate Ayinla. I would instantly spring up to defend him. I loved him in an indescribable way. He was very lovely,” he said.
He, however, added that the late Omowura did not live his life in a way that could give him the ultimate joy, as a father and as a musical icon.
“I never like that kind of lifestyle. This is because the people I moved with were very civilised. The typical local people that Omowura moved with were the lowly and violent people.
“The world was very dark then. There were so many thugs in Abeokuta. Omowura must not pinpoint to them to go and destroy a particular building. Within a twinkle of an eye, they would level the place.
“The only thing that displeases me is his final moment. He didn’t live his life the way he should have lived it. If not, he wouldn’t say he wanted to repossess a common motorcycle from his manager, Bayewu, which resulted in his death,” he said.

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